what is bowen therapy?
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Concussion recovery Bowen

Can Bowen therapy help with concussion recovery?

Just been told you have a concussion?   In a consensus statement on concussion in sport, from the 6th International Conference on Concussion in Sport– …

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Can Bowen therapy help with sleep?

Can’t Sleep? Is this you? You wake up feeling like you’ve been wrestling with the sheets or waking every hour. You need more sleep but you’ve already …

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Bowen for heel pain

Can Bowen therapy help heel pain?

Heel pain? Pain in the heel of your foot is usually caused by overuse. The most common causes are plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and arthritis.Sever’s …

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tennis elbow

Can Bowen therapy help tennis elbow?

Tennis Elbow pain can end up being a real pain in the neck! Literally When you start to protect an injured area of your body …

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Pain and Bowen

Why is Bowen good for Pain relief and what’s happening when pain hangs around? Two things a true when it comes to pain. The pain …

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Your Bowen Treatment.

To answer the common question, What happens in a Bowen treatment? Lots of my treatments once you are on the table start right here. Two movements over …

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Bowen for Gut Issues

Can Bowen therapy help gut issues?

Bowen and the gut issues have an interesting relationship. One of the common Bowen moves I perform as a Bowen practitioner near your knee, often …

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bedwetting help with bowen therapy

Can Bowen Help With Bedwetting?

Bedwetting can be a very distressing problem for children as they feel embarrassed, anxious and different from other kids. Sometimes distressingly, it even persists into …

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Anxiety help with bowen therapy

Can Bowen therapy help anxiety?

When I’m asked by a client or by someones loved one about Bowen and anxiety I can confidently talk about how appropriate it is. People …

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Matt Hart Bowen Therapy - Female Surfer in Water at Sunrise
Questions? Answers.

Questions? Answers.

  1. What is Bowen therapy?
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