What clients are saying
What clients are saying

What clients are saying

Calm. Grounded. Relaxed!

A Space For You.

Movement. Balance. Freedom.

Movement. Balance. Freedom.

The door closes and I’m safe in a healing realm, another world, the smell of bees, their honey engulfs me. I shed my outer layers, all tensions thought gone as the layers drop onto the chair. My face drops through the hole in the table. My body supported, the towels gentle on my skin.

As the healing towels cover me working their magic. I let go any last tension. I know I am safe, so goes myself, gentle hands gently move my body. Pain goes so much that I go to sleep or the place just before sleep.


Move your head to the right gentle voice filters through my calm haze. Let go as my leg is in the air, my leg floats away. All of a sudden it is time to turn over. The voice comes from far away, finally my body registers it is time to move. This happens gently, very slowly, finally my back settles into the towels, my head on a pillow, then I let go, sinking into the warm bed again in the land just before sleep.

My legs float away as Matt gently carries them, I just know he will return them. My neck just lays in his hands. Again, sleep is close at hand. Then the gentle voice says it’s time to get you up.

And deep down, I too know it is time to put the layers on and leave the room. Like the bees I too must journey far and wide. Time has been suspended, can an hour really have passed?

Was it a minute? Was it a day?

Tom Bowen’s spirit is with me again in that room. He too gently rolls me over and lays his hands. This time blood rushed to a place in my spine. It will be alright and I know it will.


I’m 69. It has been a long journey for me. At the age of 12 at PE rolling on my zipper made a bruise on my back At the doctors for a sore throat my mom asked GP to look at the bruise. He used a pen to draw up my spine as I bent over. A specialist ordered X-rays. X-rays later lost on the farm, a specialist asked about them once so we could compare. I had a set taken at 35 by chiropractor who went on TV and said he could cure curvature of the spine.  He looked at the X ray and said he could not do much. He left to work in another state, so the wedges of foam on the seats I stopped using.

I had been to osteopaths, chiropractors, massage people, acupuncturists, herbal people, hypnotherapists.  

Then settled with a chiropractor for many years, but he fractured his spine playing football in the freezing cold and ended up having to change professions. As his back would no longer do the work.

I then had massage for years with Deb at a woman’s health centre. Till I moved to Tasmania from NSW where Heather cared for me for many years with her healing hands massaging. I talked a lot to her and Deb before her, plus counsellors pain clinics.

Then on a trip to Yamba after we moved to Victoria, I had a massage with Belinda Chant. I went back the next week and she asked why I was back she suggested I try Bowen. I did have Bowen and she said to go to Chris Reed in Geelong. He is working still in Geelong. I met Matt at Chris’ and Chris suggested Matt. Who lived not far from where I lived.

And so I walk to my appointments and see the sea on the way to Matt’s healing space. My body floats with the Eagles into the sea. As I go home, I see the sea and Barwon Heads, the mighty Rock, yellow red and I know I’m strong like the rock. I can again withstand the mighty sea with its huge waves. They will wash over me sometimes, I may get pulled out but I have the strength to get myself back in.

I must go now back to NSW my grandchild is on its way. To help another on its journey.

So thank you Tom for passing on the knowledge. For it has really helped me.

In my 6 1/2 years here. My X-rays by my specialist in Sydney show only a 3% deterioration which is not much he said. In fact, I am doing really well. “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

I do keep walking and exercising but feel without Chris and then Matt Hart I would not have been in the least amount of pain possible to get moving. Of course there are hiccups – my back does not like the dentist or the plastic surgeons work to take BCC off my nose. An hour with my neck on its side was never going to be ideal.

But I recovered with Matt’s help.

Like Jude Speding said in a self-development course “you either the get to the corner shop or you don’t”.

I choose to be the best I could possibly be in the body I was handed

I choose to go to Bowen therapy and with the power of Chris and Matt, I leave a better and happier person in less pain, with the knowledge that my next Bowen therapist Wayne in Booker Bay will keep me going, staying out of the wheelchair for as long as humanly possible.

Goodbye Chris and Matt and thank you again.

I wish you well and your teams

Heather Hughes

“May the wind always be at your back, and the sun upon your face

And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars”

June, 2023 

Matt is brilliant!
I was experiencing incredibly painful sciatica in my left leg – so much so, my left foot was turned outward and I could barely walk. It was most unpleasant.
I had previously experienced Bowen Therapy in the ‘Geelong Area’ for a different complaint and found zero relief from the process.
Out of desperation, I decided to give Bowen Therapy a second go, and this time I (thankfully) tried a different practitioner; Matt Hart – and it made a HUGE difference.
After my first session with Matt, I left with a 60% improvement in symptoms and I could walk in a relatively normal manner again. Most importantly, the pain was significantly diminished.
Some practitioners just ‘know’ their technique and some practitioners both ‘know’ and ‘live and breathe’ their technique – this I suggest is Matt’s difference,
Currently, my sciatica has gone – though I am finding continuing benefit from Matt’s work on my severely Osteoarthritic Knee. Interestingly, I have regained function in my knee that I thought had been permanently lost years – ago. I still require a knee replacement – however Matt’s sessions have helped me to regain my ability to walk up stairs with ease and most interestingly, walk down stairs with greater ease than I have experienced in 10 years.
This man was made to be a practitioner of Bowen Therapy and I would highly recommend him.
John C
4 months ago


I had surgery in 2022 left me with a painful shoulder and deltoid.
3 bowen treatments later pain greatly improved.
Thank you Matt.
2 months ago


Vibe was immaculate.

Came in with Achilles and muscle pain, left feeling reinvigorated and my Achilles has felt the best it has in a month and a half.


3 months ago


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I was struggling with persistent lower back pain and a niggle above my right hip, particularly noticeable after a round of golf.
I was trying to manage my pain using daily ibuprofen and Panadol Osteo.
The pain was affecting my ability to swing as fully as I would have liked and I turned to Matt for some Bowen treatment, because I had received benefits from Bowen Therapy in the past.
After 5 sessions with Matt I am happy to report that I am swinging the club freely, no longer need to take drugs for pain relief, because the pain is gone and I broke my handicap – twice in the last 3 weeks.
Happy days👍😎


1 year ago


Matt is so welcoming and as soon as you walk in the door you know he can hold the space for you.
He gifts you with some time to chat at the beginning so he can truly understand your needs during the session.
When I leave I feel light and have so much more movement in my body.

Thanks Matt


2 Years ago


I always look forward to my hour relaxing at Matt’s clinic. It is great to switch off mentally with no distractions for a full hour whilst Matt re aligns my tired body.


1 Year ago


Matt Hart Bowen Therapy - Female Surfer in Water at Sunrise
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Questions? Answers.

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