what is bowen therapy?
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions.

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    What is Bowen therapy?

    Bowen therapy is a gentle, therapeutic treatment consisting of a series of mild deliberate moves on skin or through light clothing, with the client usually lying on a bed or treatment couch; although it is possible to be treated seated.

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    Who is Bowen therapy good for?

    Bowen therapy is good for everyone and I see people of all ages, genders, persuasions, backgrounds and beliefs. 

    Because of the types of movements that are part of the Bowen treatment and that no oil is used like in a massage, clients are able to remain clothed. Making the treatments accessible to so many more people.

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    What can Bowen therapy do for you?

    Treating men, women and children, Bowen therapy is a tool for treating pain, discomfort, ailments and injuries, as well as a way to maintain balance and a sense of well-being. 

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    How will I feel after my Bowen therapy treatment?

    Some clients get up and go as if nothing has happened, others feel a little light headed, others have a sense of being lighter, more energised, or looser. 

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    What can Bowen therapy help with?

    Bowen therapy can help with ailments such as allergies, back problems, and constipation. See our the full list of A to Z of things that Bowen therapy can help with. 

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    What are the benefits of ongoing Bowen therapy treatments?

    The benefits of reduced or no pain, more flexibility and mobility are many and varied, although they can have a big impact on our quality of life that in the long run go to much of the things that we desire most. Can you relate to any of these?

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    What is Bowen therapy good for?

    Bowen therapy is good for a wide range of conditions. Because the therapy acts to rebalance your body it enables your body to realign itself back to a state of normal by helping your nervous and muscular systems relax. This allows for your body to rest and repair so you can get out there and get going again.

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    How much does Bowen therapy cost?

    A Bowen treatment costs $90. I allow an hour for your treatment, this includes, your welcome, getting your history, doing an assessment, an explanation of the treatment and time to ask questions, the treatment, demonstration of recommended exercises where appropriate, and final questions and recommendations on follow up treatment.

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    What does Bowen therapy treat?

    Bowen therapy treats pain and discomfort in people of all ages. Clients have ranged from 5 weeks old to 90+ years old.

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    Can Bowen Therapy help with Bedwetting?

    Bedwetting can be a very distressing problem for children as they feel embarrassed, anxious and different from other kids. Sometimes distressingly, it even persists into the teenage years. Find out about the Bowen and Bedwetting Study.

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    Can Bowen Therapy help with Concussion Recovery?

    The Bowen Concussion Recovery protocol addresses various areas affected by head trauma. 

    The Bowen treatments address symptoms and help speed up the restoration of brain function caused by the injury.

    The gentle nature of the Bowen movements, their specific locations and the time between movements all play a positive role in providing the type of recovery that concussions generally require.

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