Your Bowen Treatment.

To answer the common question, What happens in a Bowen treatment? Lots of my treatments once you are on the table start right here.

Two movements over the lower back muscles on either side of your spine. Followed by two more to the outside of your glutes.
Then a pause for at least 2mins before any more.
It’s at this point, that a lot of people begin to transition from a busy brain and body to relaxed and calm.
Pauses between sets of Bowen moves, that continue throughout the session, allow time for this ongoing reset.
This is one of the key things that make a Bowen treatment different from any other bodywork.
The treatment progresses with more sets of movements followed by the wait times. 
The movements and where they are performed are determined through the assessment of the client. I will also adapt to the audible responses and physical cues accordingly as the session progresses.  
For this reason, very few Bowen treatments are completely the same.
Your body prefers to be in a balanced state.
So consider the Bowen moves as inputs and data being created. The wait times then allow for your brain and body space to process this information and begin to adjust.
Everyone does this at different rates over time. This accounts for why one person feels great getting up from the table and another feels the benefits a day or two later.

The movements themselves are gentle, which is a surprise to most and a relief to many.

This doesn’t mean I don’t find tender or pain points along the way. I do, but this is just the sort of information your body uses to shift from where it is when you arrive.
Three things I say to each person before we start.
  • Feel free to readjust or wriggle after a move.
  • Feel free to fall asleep
  • Feel free to ask questions or tell me what you are experiencing as we go.
Got anything else you’d like to know about what happens in a Bowen treatment, then get in touch here
or check out the frequently asked questions page here.
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