Can Bowen therapy help with sleep?

Can’t Sleep?

Is this you?
You wake up feeling like you’ve been wrestling with the sheets or waking every hour.
You need more sleep but you’ve already been there for the last 6 – 7 hours and there is no more ignoring the alarm.
You’ve a full day ahead and even before you open your eyes you are wondering
* Where am I going to get the energy from?
* How am I going to stay focused?
* What can I ditch?
There are a number of reasons why you’ve had a restless sleep, coffee and screen time are a couple of common factors, and your room temperature is another.
Stress and worry too can play a big part in being able to relax enough to sleep.
When they have built up over a long time they may cause strain and pain in your body.
Then you start worrying all over again.
It’s not a fun rollercoaster to be on.

There is Hope

My clients tell me that one of the added benefits they get from a Bowen treatment and especially regular treatments is feeling more rested after sleep.
Sleep is not a prerequisite of a successful treatment, however for those that catch a few zzz’s it’s a great sign that their bodies have transferred to the rest and repair zone.
Bowen treatments in most cases aim to assist the transition of pain our nervous system from the active fight/flight mode to the passive rest/digest mode.
Don’t be surprised if the wind down continues to happen after the treatment as well.
You wouldn’t be the first person to say I could go home and sleep now, or I don’t think I’m gunna get much work done for the rest of the day.
Your body is telling you what it needs to continue the healing process from the treatment.
Go with it as you can.
Stay hydrated and move regularly throughout the rest of the day.
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