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Can Bowen Help With Bedwetting?

Bedwetting can be a very distressing problem for children as they feel embarrassed, anxious and different from other kids. Sometimes distressingly, it even persists into the teenage years.

Also referred to as nocturnal enuresis, bedwetting is the involuntary passing of urine while sleeping. Affecting millions of children,  it causes embarrassment, frustration and distress.

By the time they are 5 years old many kids are dry at night, others though, take longer, even right into their teens.

When kids are still wetting by 6 or older, parent’s concern increases and they worry that their child may have some kind of physical or emotional problem. Parents either decide that the wet nights will reduce as their child gets older or they will seek medical help or help from alternative therapies.

Going to Primary School can be a tricky age for even an irregular bedwetter.  Invitations to sleepovers and heading off to school camps can heighten the chance for embarrassing situations. They tend to avoid going for the fear that other kids might discover their problem.

Teenagers are usually even more distressed by bedwetting and many worry the problem will never go away. It often has a significant impact on their self-esteem.

There are multiple reasons why a child might continue to wet at night, it may be developmental, emotional, physical, or environmental or a combination of these.

Bowen Therapy is a wonderful holistic technique to promote physical and emotional balance and healing.


Therefore it may be a way to help your child overcome bedwetting. Bowen therapy acts to rebalance and reset systems of your child’s body. In this case, helping messages passing between the bladder and brain work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The treatment process involves weekly visits for a specific Bowen treatment that aims to increase the number of dry nights over time. A goal of 7 dry nights can involve 6 or more treatments, but often progress can be identified by about week 4, but everyone is different and there aren’t any guarantees. Download the results of a recent study into the benefits of Bowen for bedwetting here.
These regular Bowen treatments, in conjunction with some dietary flexibility, make up a good part of the program. Mr Bowen identified a number of dietary factors that may assist. He found that avoiding dairy products, apples and apple juice and following a balanced 80/20 alkaline/acid diet where possible made a difference for many sufferers.

Between treatments, creating a positive environment can help to lessen some anxiety and shame that children may experience. Keeping track of dry nights and positively reinforcing the desired behaviour also helps to build toward success.

Where to from here?

I’m very happy to chat to you about the procotol and Bowen in general, you gan give me a call on 0400338856. 
If you’d like get started you can book the initial appointment by clicking here.
It’s $90 for the initial consultation, it takes about 40 mins.
The weekly sessions beyond that are between 15 – 30 mins and are $55 each.
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