Anxiety help with bowen therapy

Can Bowen therapy help anxiety?

When I’m asked by a client or by someones loved one about Bowen and anxiety I can confidently talk about how appropriate it is.
People with anxiety have everything firing, thoughts filling their brain, nervous system activated and often on the move or even agitated, finding themselves in a constant state of fight or flight. Their sympathetic nervous system doing everything it can to keep them safe without allowing their body to come to rest and give them some time out.
This is where Bowen therapy comes into its own. 
The movements, small and gentle, with space in between indicate to your body it can relax and let go. The Bowen moves help you move from the sympathetic state being switched on to one of rest and repair. This place of rest and repair or parasympathetic state is where your body can reset, and find some balance between the two states. Things like sleep, digestion and muscle repair happen here. When you are able to enter the rest and repair zone regularly you usually bounce back and are more resilient.
Clients after a treatment or on a return visit tell me about feeling lighter, more mobile, of being able to sleep better and how this has been able help them move through their day with more ease and less worry.
Whilst not a cure all, Bowen therapy assists with a number of aspects associated with Anxiety.
If you’d like to know more about how Bowen therapy can help you the get in touch
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