tennis elbow

Can Bowen therapy help tennis elbow?

Tennis Elbow pain can end up being a real pain in the neck!


When you start to protect an injured area of your body it puts other muscles under extra strain.

In the case of elbows or shoulders, it’s our necks that can suffer becoming tighter and painful and possibly leading to headaches or migraines.

Tennis elbow is just one of those issues. Known as lateral epicondylitis, it is a painful condition that occurs when tendons in your elbow are overloaded. This is usually done by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm. Just like a backhand in tennis, hitting with a hammer or using a trigger spray for a long period of time.

If left long enough you start to compensate for the injury at your elbow leading in wrist, shoulder and or neck pain. In some cases it can become worse than the original injury.

This is where a Bowen treatment comes into their own.
Treating the body as a whole to work on the symptoms and the underlying cause.

By using the Bowen technique I help you get a resolution to an issue you may have forgotten was a problem, to begin with.

With Bowen, we have specific procedures that target the area of concern.

Like one for your elbow, and other procedures that go to make up the whole of the treatment. Your whole body gets a reset too.

The symptoms you present with are a guide to what is going on, and with some assessment and time, we get to the root of the issue.

A client said to me once after a couple of treatments, “I hadn’t even told you about the pain in my shoulder when we first met but so much better too.”

So like tennis elbow or no matter what you have going on, if it’s an issue you’ve been trying to get sorted for a while, there is something you can do.

Try Bowen!

Like to know more about how Bowen therapy may help you?
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