Matt Hart

Did I Make The Right Choice?

Did I make the right choice?🤔

As far as business goes I wonder, why, well let me tell you about yesterday.

Monday’s I often get on the phone and do some follow up calls with clients who I haven’t seen in a while.

Two of them were feeling great, one who had troubling knee pain said her pain was all gone after the second treatment.

No need for further treatment. 👌🏻

Then a client who was in terrible sciatic pain from her lower back on her first visit last week, returned yesterday with a big smile on her face.

When I enquired when she began to feel better she said it was from the time she got of the treatment table a week ago and she has substantially reduced the medication she was taking.


I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I love to hear from my clients how they are going and often the relief in there voices.

Many come because they have struggled with other treatments, staring down the barrel of a chronic conditions, in search of relief.

So yes I made the right choice because Bowen works for so many. 🤗

And clients getting better gives more opportunities for others to give Bowen Therapy a go.

And that’s good for business 😉

Don’t put up with pain. Give Bowen a go.

Matt Hart

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