what is bowen therapy?
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions.

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What is Bowen therapy good for?

What is Bowen therapy good for?

What is Bowen therapy good for?

Bowen therapy is good for a wide range of conditions. 

Because the therapy acts to rebalance your body it enables your body to realign itself back to a state of normal by helping your nervous and muscular systems relax. This allows for your body to rest and repair so you can get out there and get going again.

People who are in acute or constant pain from skeletal and muscular issues have gained relief, you are never too old either.

Pregnant women also find it helps them be more comfortable as their body changes.

A number of clients suffering from a variety of autoimmune diseases also find Bowen therapy brings offers them relief from their ongoing symptoms so that they can get more joy out of life.

Because Bowen therapy is so gentle it is used to help babies with things like reflux, improved bowel movements, and even sleep. 

Older kids have had assistance with bedwetting, eczema, respiratory issues, and anxiety. 

Clients of all ages have positive experiences with Bowen therapy and many use it as part of the ongoing health and wellbeing.  

Bowen therapy as it helps with all the above, my clients tell me they fell lighter, more limber, relaxed, ready to sleep, ready to get going, like myself again, freer, and their smiles are priceless.  

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