what is bowen therapy?
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions.

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What does Bowen therapy treat?

What does Bowen therapy treat?

What does Bowen therapy treat?

Bowen therapy treats pain and discomfort in people of all ages. 

Clients have ranged from 5 weeks old to 90+ years old.

Treatments for common issues like lower back pain and sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, knee ankle and foot soreness have helped give clients relief.

Stomach, bowel and respiratory conditions are also helped through Bowen treatments.

Clients have sought relief for emotional issues like grief, anxiety and depression.

Bowen acts to reduce the effects of muscle tension that may cause pain, discomfort, headaches and migraines.  

As your Bowen therapist, I have a number of possible procedures at my disposal when you present with a specific issue.

Check out the list of just some of the conditions Bowen has been able to assist with here. 

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